Zuckerberg Positive About Threads Strong Start

Zuckerberg Positive About Threads' Strong Start, Emphasizes App's Goals and Impact of the 'X' Effect

By Joanne Cassar / 28. Jul 2023

Mark Zuckerberg is well-versed in managing social media platforms with billions of users.

It comes as no surprise that the CEO and co-founder of Meta (formerly known as Facebook) remains optimistic about his latest venture, Threads.

Threads had an incredibly successful launch, attracting a record-breaking number of users in its first week.

During Meta's earnings call with shareholders, Zuckerberg expressed his surprise at Threads' rapid adoption and the immediate opportunities it presented.

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Initially considered a smaller project with a limited team, Threads exceeded expectations and gained significant traction.

Zuckerberg openly acknowledged that standalone apps hadn't seen much success for Meta in the past, with the exception of Messenger, which started as a feature within Facebook before becoming its own platform.

Referring to the "Twitter or X effect," Zuckerberg speculated that Threads' initial success might be influenced by the tumultuous situation surrounding Twitter or X, as it is now called.

Drawing an analogy, he compared Threads' impressive early numbers to a venture capital portfolio, where numerous attempts might fail, but occasionally one becomes a major success.

He recognized that while the initial response was encouraging, the true challenge lies in retaining the audience and maintaining high engagement levels over time.

Zuckerberg emphasized the importance of building a compelling user experience and achieving product-market fit for Threads.

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Making it retentive, where users continue to engage with the app, is crucial. Although they have made progress, there is still a lot of fundamental work to be done in terms of enhancing basic functionality.

Mark Zuckerberg is positive about Threads' potential but acknowledges the need for continued efforts to shape the app into a successful addition to Meta's family of apps.