Elon Muck Twitter Share Buy 9 1

Tesla CEO Elon Musk to join Twitter's board of directors

By Helneski / 07. Apr 2022

Ahahahahahaha fine.

Long-term shitposter Elon Musk, who has a side gig as the CEO of Tesla, is on the leading body of Twitter, a shiny new meme stonk, in the wake of recording some unacceptable structure with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

How WILL he manage it?

That was the unavoidable issue after Elon Musk spread the word on April fourth that he had amassed a stake of 9.2% in Twitter, making him the online entertainment association's biggest shareholder.

Will the world's richest man buy more shares or even take Twitter private?

Will the manager of Tesla play an active job in Twitter's management?

A billionaire could choose to buy a public paper with a celebrated past and once again invest in it, very much like he could subtly test his dick-formed rocket for a long time before freely taking a ride on it.

Yet, in spite of claiming Amazon, Jeff Bezos is some way or another less web harmed than the meme ruler of Dogecoin. The genuine stage for cerebrum worms isn't The Washington Post, regardless of its commentary on journalists' earnest attempts. It's Twitter.

Presently, I can't address Musk's intent. Perhaps that was an innocent mistake, I don't have the foggiest idea! I in all actuality do realize that he's tweeted that SEC is an abbreviation, and the E means "Elon's." He's not above tweaking the SEC - he's gone on an hour to illuminate us he doesn't regard it, you know?

Assuming that Musk is savaging, however, this is sharp. Like, perhaps he'll get a fine or something, yet the SEC's responsibility is to safeguard shareholders, correct?

It's the reason Musk and Tesla got fined for his "financing got" tweets however Musk stayed as CEO - eliminating him would ostensibly hurt shareholders more than letting Musk just go for it his little heart out. Musk is significant!

The disclosure of his stake in Twitter sent shares up 27%, an adorable Lil pop for a web-based entertainment organization that is getting totally clobbered by TikTok and the organization previously known as Facebook.

So in the event that the SEC is like, "haha, you are most certainly not going to be on the leading body of Twitter," it's presumably astute to accept the stock will fall! Also, shareholders will get injured!

Obviously, Twitter presently has a fandom: Musk's. Musk has meandered into Twitter well after it turned into a public organization, is a productive - one could even say blatant - client of its item, and probably brings various retail investors following him. It's not only that. CNN columnist Brian Fung noticed that Musk likewise has the opportunity to Provoke's foes under the front of "Elon being Elon."

All things considered, I anticipate that Twitter should be twofold down on being Twitter. Spaces have been a colossal achievement, particularly with the cryptocurrency-inquisitive. There are likewise the NFT profile pics.

Musk, obviously, is known for being captivated by Dogecoin, to not express anything of Tesla's concise introduction to Bitcoin payments for its vehicles. Maybe now that Dorsey is no longer CEO, Musk can get Twitter to acknowledge Bitcoin as payment for notices. Perhaps this will be the stimulus Twitter at long last necessities to dispose of Musk-related cryptocurrency scam spam!

I keep thinking about whether Twitter will presently consider cryptocurrency clients its principal supporters, especially assuming that they are bound to pay for its items. As opposed to zeroing in on getting more clients, Twitter may simply attempt to extricate cash from its most worthwhile clients. This isn't that strange of a system - really, Musk's old organization, PayPal, framed something almost identical on its last earnings call.

From a down-to-earth perspective: Musk has additionally said that he needs less balance on Twitter, which, as may not be incredible for shareholder esteem, Platformer Casey Newton calls attention to. (Most clients like balance, it ends up.)

But now that Twitter is a meme stock, customary proportions of shareholder esteem, um, may not have any significant bearing. It's conceivable Musk's contribution will make writers less inclined to utilize the stage, given his set of experiences of competing with columnists on the web. I'm certain there are certain individuals out there contemplating whether Musk's situation on the board implies he could possibly gain admittance to their DMs.

Which is somewhat the essence of the thing, I presume?

From one perspective: Musk has a fandom, and presently Twitter has a fandom, as well. On the other: Twitter is famous as a stage for provocation, and Musk has demonstrated that he needs even less balance.

On some hypothetical third hand: the SEC is approaching behind the scenes. Whether or not individuals' most awful apprehensions happen, this is a progressive new area for shitposters all over the place. Musk doesn't simply have the ear of the CEO - he will do his presentation assessments!

All things considered, when you make your leisure activities your work, you risk causing something once amusing to feel like drudgery.

One potential result is that Musk's situation on the load up makes his move in an opposite direction from shitposting for the specific explanation many individuals invest a ton of energy on Twitter in any case: he needs to abstain from taking care of business.